Friday, September 23, 2011

Energy, Lack Thereof

Had a great morning with the Songwriting and Production students at the University of the East: what a lively and interesting group! After doing two songwriting workshops and a lot of troubleshooting (some troubles still to shoot after an afternoon's work, but my computer won't let me open the files with their email addresses in it), I am well and truly whacked out.
It would be nice to be out in that cool evening sunshine- what a beautiful day! Instead, I am nursing a very welcome cup of tea and looking forward to an evening of TV watching.
Years ago in Brighton, our drummer Rod and his friend Robert (who later went on to play bass guitar for King Kurt) got over their lack of spondulicks by sitting at the kitchen table drinking tea and going through a New Musical Express, gig by gig, saying things like, 'We could go to see The Fall at Manchester Free Trades Hall tonight, but we haven't got any money and we're not in Manchester'.
They could keep going for a whole evening like that.
For your information, I could have gone to the 12 Bar on Tuesday but I didn't. I could have gone out last night, but I didn't; I could go out tonight, but I'm not going to. A couple of weeks ago I went through a spontaneous going-out-to-gigs phase, but now it is resty-time and time to answer the emails I didn't answer back then, play a few chords and of course, drink multiple cups of tea.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your evening .... and have a lovely weekend!

Sarah said...

I hope you have a good weekend too Helen-enjoy the tea and rest!