Monday, August 29, 2011

A Weekend in the West of Scotland

And what a lovely weekend too- good company and fun gigs!
Gig 1 was in the Musicker Cafe, Rothesay, Bute; it was intimate but fun, one of those gigs where people listen to the lyrics and understand them. And thanks to Sue for the beautiful cowboy apron that coud not have been more appropriate!
Gig 2 was a Stephensons Rocketts gig at a Youth Hostel by Loch Lomond. Smothered in Avon's Skin-So-Soft against the midgies, the Rocketts took off with a whoosh and entertained a group of guests (including children that I taught how to hand jive) at Neil's 50th birthday party. What a laugh! The band played a stormer and included Junior Cavener (17 year old son of John the double bass player) on sax, much to the excitement of the assembled teenage girls. Martin (stormin' rhythm guitar!), Joe Guillan (scorching rockabilly lead!), Keith Shepherd (sticksman extraordinaire!) and John (walk that bass, man!) himself all played brilliantly!
Sunday was mooching around Glasgow, where these buskers on Buchanan Street showed the opposite ends of busking- an elderly lady with her accordion at one end and an amazing rock band of twelve year olds at the other who put on a flawless performance of rock classics to an astounded audience.
The Hawaiian beauty is from Paul Templeman's music shop in Rothesay!

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