Monday, August 01, 2011

Too Many Features

With a sinking heart, I read an email from Yahoo that tells me it's upgrading itself. Oh dear!
It already has an obnoxious feature that streams incoherent ramblings from people I don't know.
Myspace upgraded to become completely incomprehensible, with so many animated ads that it takes a century to load, a playlist that they have invented for me that I'm not remotely interested in, bucketloads of spammy emails and my song counter stuck on '4' for the last six weeks (someone told me that this is to prevent them from having to pay royalties, should legislation require them to).
My phone has a billion things I don't want, and the only thing that I do want it to do not working (playing MP3s).
Stocks and shares? Wow!
Apps? Schmapps!
Facebook offers to link everything together in an awful technology-chain so I can bore people stupid no matter where they are and no matter when, posting nonsense about posting nonsense....
Soon the email account will have wings and function as a sanitary towel, Myspace will offer to bake Pop-tarts or run off to MacDonalds and get me a burger, and who knows? Maybe even good old Blogger will force me to watch the whole Harry Potter film cycle before I can make a posting!

Long live single-function applications!!!!!!

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Wilky of St Albans said...

I knew I should have offered you my spare Tiger Lillies ticket....