Tuesday, August 23, 2011

About Bambos

I drove to Brighton with a carload of cushions, buckets and tables, and after unloading went round the corner to visit my old friend Bambos and his Missus, neither of whom I have seen for a long time.
Years ago, Bambos and myself collaborated on a comic called Ratman, that featured Bambos's story of the superhero Ratman and a short story of mine.
Since then Bambos has worked for Marvel and many other comic publishers; he used to write and draw Blimey, It's Slimer! and has inked and lettered all his life, as well as drawing and writing the stories (currently Tom and Jerry). He is a true craftsman, eschewing computers for hands-on artistic skills. He is finally beginning to archive his life's work, not before time, and has started to attend comics conventions again. He says: "I'm at the Birmingham Comic Convention on Saturday & Sunday 27th -28th August and I'll have issues 1-3 of Ratman on sale... 50p each or 3 for £1, what a bargain!"
His comics blog is at http://whatswrongwithcomics.blogspot.com/

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