Saturday, June 04, 2011


Not my day. Typed a long posting and deleted it by accident. Bugger auto-save! It saved the deletion.
This morning I also lost a really long email that I wrote with all the locations for the photographs for the new version of The Lost Women of Rock Music, and had to re-write the whole thing.
It's been a complicated thing, keeping the threads of communication open with ten different sources of photographs (and wondering if the ones I have to pay will ever get the paltry sum I am able to pay via the University, or whether bureaucracy will nip that one in the bud).
I've ended up with a photo of Siouxsie playing the guitar ( a two-for-one deal) that I thought I didn't want but now I'm glad I've got it.
Thank you so much to the two nice people who simply donated pictures. So easy!
I have done  a huge amount of negotiating this year, what with The Chefs compilation and our track on Messthetics (Bruv says they have used the un-cleaned up version of the song, which is a pain, but I haven't had time to listen yet). The Chefs compilation has hit a spot of bother which is a complete bugger at this stage but I am trusting the Universe to sort it out as I cannot believe it is in anyone's interest to prevent it being released (although it seemed so, a coupe of years ago).
Now, huge quantities of food are in order, ending with a mountain of ice cream and strawberries.

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Anonymous said...

All is right with the world after strawberries and cream/icecream!!