Sunday, April 10, 2011

If I Write It Down It Won't Seem So Hard

Two student assignments out of the way, and it's time for some sunshine. I've worked out that if I haul my stuff out of storage, I can save enough money to pay the council tax. My car is about to conk out so I'll collect a bit of stuff today and take the offending vehicle to the garage tomorrow (that's me, roaring down the road at max volume with the exhaust pipe trembling with exhaustion!).
It's an uphill struggle sorting out The Chefs compilation, but it's getting there. It has been mastered and I have to make a call about tune-codes tomorrow, and chase up the sleeve notes. In my mind, I have a beautiful package but it's taking time....
I have also sent off some photographs to the publishers. I do so want to draw a line under the book, which is now expected to be published in January.
Multi-tasking, juggling balls up in the air: I am struggling for my academic life.
There is a very exciting music project happening, not for me but for an unusual group of people. I will write about it on Tuesday, when for me it stops being talk and starts being active!
I am also about to start writing a paper for a conference and a script for a proposed documentary, that I think should complement each other.
Best of all, Martin and myself will soon be putting the finishing touches to our next co-album, The Cafe of Tiny Kindnesses.

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