Sunday, April 10, 2011


Amazing... I have found my diaries from the punk years. I was not a sophisticated girl.
Monday August 22nd 1977
Got the band a gig ho ho ho (that was The Molesters, who rehearsed constantly in the basement of our squat)
Got stopped by the police on the back of the bike (a Honda 90) for singing Robin Hood. I asked if it was against the law for singing on the back of a bike.
Wednesday August 24th 1977
BASEMENT BAND WON"T DO FRIDAY!! 7 they've been practising 2 years. We decided to have our own band, me and BBC Phil, Steve and Nick. They came round in the evening- we had 5 songs after 3 hours! Exhausted ourselves by practicing.
Thursday 25th August 1977
Went for a bath (we had to use the public baths as there was not bath or hot water in our house)
Came back. Practiced our songs on Poison Girls' equipment. People were coming and tapping their feet.
Got Phil V to do my job for me (washing up in a restaurant)- he said I had 'flu.
Had fish + chips then practised until about 10 o'clock- had abouit 5 songs. I am on bass, got a wart and  a blister on my finger.
Friday 26th August 1977
Well, had to do Jolande's. Every single room. (I worked as a cleaner in a bed and breakfast) Was so excited, kept saying1234 etc and singing.
...ran up to ~resource Centre. An old age pensioner came in and would not stop talking-he chased us off in the end. Did more practising. were nervous. I dashed home and did a JOBY AND THE HOOLIGANS t-shirt, tried to eat a beefburger. Got a bit drunk. The audience loved us- they asked for a song in encore again. A big slob kept knocking me microphone and I was shouting at him and telling him to f**k off.
Wednesday 31st August 1977
Got thrown out of a pub for being punks.

And so on, and so on.

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Fabulous - you should have this published, then a movie tie in, some merchandising ...... I could be your manager!!