Monday, April 25, 2011

Academic Stuff

Last night, I planned to go for a run this morning.
Luckily, I had forgotten by the time I woke up.
I have spent the morning checking the copy-editor's queries for two more book chapters; just the bibliography and appendix to go. I have ordered some books from the library so I can double-check some references, and then I have to chase up the photographs.
I must say I like the type face that has been chosen for the book; it's a bit less 'serious' and more elegant than the Ashgate one although I do stand by the hardback version; it's all about research, isn't it?
On Wednesday 18th May I am presenting a paper at the University of East London's Centre for Cultural Research Conference on Music and Politics. It is free but you have to register to attend and I will put details here some time later this week.
I am veering between two different ideas at the moment. Between now and then I am giving a lecture to some Advertising students about music technology magazines and hip hop honeys (yes, the two do overlap!) which I haven't formally written yet although the ideas are marching through my brain like a rhythmical hip hop track (plus graffiti).
It's all so big and angrifying!
Caroline warned me about getting too absorbed by just hip hop and its sexism, reminding me about heavy metal and progressive music. She is right. Depressingly, it seems that some young men (predominantly men) will latch on to any genre of music that disrespects women no matter what the couching style soundscape is. And their female friends and girlfriends have to listen too in order to be allowed into the friendship circle, the gang, the group or whatever.
This is what was so good about some of the female punk groups- they actually invented their sound and methods from scratch and circumvented the rules the guys made.
So that is what my paper is going to be about.
Please don't nick my idea!


Isobel Kerr said...

Interstingly yes hiphopcan be like that forsomemenbut I do know that my son listens toTupakShakur and there is a deepsensitivity insomeof his works. I think that your paper sounds interesting.Also I really likeyourmusic very much.Have you heard the Ditty Bop and Amanda Palmer they are worth a listen. Anyway thanksfor your music Iam a fan

Cazz Blase said...

I thought the conference was on the 20th May? An academicky friend was talking about it. Hope it goes well.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you Isobel. I may be simply too old or too female to feel anything for hip hop. I used to like the very early artists like Monie Love but once it became Gangsta I confess I lost the plot!
Cazz- thank you! I got the day wrong and was just about to email people to tell them. I have a gig in Chesterfield that night and have just written to the organisers to ask if I can do my paper earlier in the day. Duh! I am not the most organised of people.

Anonymous said...

hiphop is a relatively recent development…there have always been outstanding female musicians and among them musicians who care less about 'rules' than playing their own sound.