Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Oh yes, this morning... a line of six duvet-wrapped sausages on the floor and another on the couch; two went home in the wee small hours because they didn't fit. A night of birthday celebrations and a morning of hangovers.
And this evening, six different teenagers round the kitchen table eating coq au vin prepared by the other Offsprog. I had to float above them close to the ceiling to get upstairs, because there was no squeezing-round space.
It's all a larf, but I'm glad it comes but once a year.

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Anonymous said...

Stuart used to like his bedroom completely dark (to the extent of putting blutack over the standby light on his tv) .... so when I went into his room on a Sunday morning, I had to be very careful not to stand on any of his friends who had stayed the night (we lived in the town centre, so we often had bodies who didn't want to pay for a taxi home!)