Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monty's Birthday

Yesterday evening, Paul and myself went over to the Southgate Club to play a set for Monty's 50th Birthday. Thirty years ago, Monty used to come to see The Chefs with his twin brother (who now lives in Australia), and ten years ago we bumped into each other in East Barnet Sainsbury's one Sunday morning when I was out shopping with the family.
He comes to see me play whenever he can, and I was delighted to be invited to play on his special occasion. We did a mixture of songs- some Chefs ones (24 Hours, Let's Make Up and Northbound Train), some Helen and the Horns ones (Freight Train, Lonesome Country Boy, Snakebite, Oh Boy, Girl Versus Boy) some now ones (Love on the Wind, Daisies, Loverman, Gotta Have a Heart and London), and of course Happy Birthday to You, which we played twice because Monty's friends had made him a huge birthday cake. Happy Birthday Monty!

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