Monday, November 08, 2010

Benjamin Rabier

The post-it notes have reached epidemic proportions again; I need to get out more, perhaps.
Gradually I'm starting to feel better.
I was looking for things to sell to make space, and I found this book.
McDad had two books by Benjamin Rabier- a copy of this and another featuring the smart goose, Gedeon.
I bought this a few years ago, but it's actually different from McDad's copy, which McMum gave to me with the Gedeon book; they are so clever and they are completely inspiring.
My favourite picture is missing from this one: it's of a weary monkey, obviously exhausted from days and days of travel on foot. The monkey has heavy bags, and can't carry on much longer. What a delight! The monkey sees, just over the brow of the hill, what appears to be two pitched roofs and a smoking chimney. At last! A house! (You see this all in one frame).
At the top of the hill, the monkey sees that this illusion has been created from the tips of the ears of a placid elephant as he sits in the middle of the road with a pipe, blowing the smoke upwards, his trunk held aloft.
So this book will be going on eBay, perhaps. The problem is that I know people take books like this to pieces, frame the individual pages, and make a fortune. My moral dilemma is whether I should do this myself. I can't bear the idea of picking a book to bits, but it's cover seems to have been damaged by water at some point.
I guess I will have to hang on to it a bit longer....

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