Friday, October 29, 2010


Sorry about the mini-break; I needed to collect my thoughts for a while after a big bounce downwards, but the upwards bounce has started.
I won't moan about stuff!

Some ups...
I have just written to the BBC to get a license to make a Chefs compilation. I am not sure exactly what will be on it and some of that involves money things which as everyone knows, are difficult at the moment. But it will happen.

The book has come back from being scanned (although unfortunately I have been given someone else's managing/teaching workload to do which I didn't feel I could refuse due to impending cuts, which means I'm working full time at the moment)

There are some nice illustration projects in the pipeline for later in the year/early next year. Roberto Cassani is planning a childrens' songbook and has asked me to illustrate it, and The Gluts have challenged me to an online graphic song-story duel, Arctic Roll (theirs) versus Baked Alaska (mine) to be published at Christmas.

The illustration below has gone back to the drawing board, as I've been asked for a detailed explanation which I don't want to give because art is 'open', but I can understand why: academic writing is 'closed' because it needs to prove things (after asking questions, of course).

I have started to send the CD out for review. It is laborious but also fun, because if the DIY task involved. It feels direct, like a little dig at the big guys!

Now where's that guitar? I need to write songs: that's the surest way to change the mood!

There are lots of blogs and e-conversations about Ari's illness, death and the inspiration she was. 
I have realised that because I knew her (later rather than earlier) my memories are almost domestic and probably best kept private for now. 
I do join all of the people who knew her in a feeling of overwhelming grief about what has happened.


Anonymous said...

Can you bounce downwards? Can you fall up? Thats one for a coffee and a packed of custard creams...

Human vanity being what it is, I'm sure people would be willing to fund a Chefs release on the promise of having their names in the sleeve notes. Jill Sobule, the Native Hipsters and I think John Otway have all financed stuff that way. Or sell inch squares on the cover for people to have their own artwork included.

It sounds a bit 'corporate sponsorship' and may lead to places that artistically you don't want to be, but needs must and all that. And hey, if it gets a Chefs CD out there I'd happily sell a kidney.

Anonymous said...

ps the above was me. I've remembered my username, and password, but this things seems to get stuck in some loop witgh the word verification. Hey ho. I shall have to remain


for now

Wilky of St Albans said...

hey - it works now!

just to say I was fibbing about the kidney