Friday, September 03, 2010

Tinned Peas

Memories spring up at strange times. I was driving Offsprog One to the storage place at the Hyde in Brighton and we went down a little street- I remembered going to a party in one of those houses 30 years ago.
The talking point was a huge stacked pyramid of tinned peas; every can was a different brand, and had a different picture on it.
The party-goers were divided in opinion, which made it a very successful talking point.
We stood in front of it.
"Pretentious rubbish!" snarled the pretentious amongst us.
"Weird" puzzled the 'straight' amongst us.
It had a fascinating presence; I wished I'd thought of it!


Jude Cowan said...

Michael Donaghy writes very movingly about the way memories pop up, do you know his poems? JX

Anonymous said...

better than an arrangement of bricks on the floor!