Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Gathering Strength

I have been gathering strength, harvesting shreds of forgotten muscle-power, aligning my brain-waves in a positive and sturdy direction, flexing my fingers....
Offsprog One moves back to Uni tomorrow, and Mother (that's me) is Official Driver and Mover (not Shaker).
One quarter of her possessions are here, under my feet and tripping me up, and the rest is in storage: up above head height in a rickety tin cupboard in the cheapest storage facility in the Universe.
Tomorrow we load up the patient little car, sit in traffic jams till lunchtime, unload, and then do relay journeys with the rest of her stuff from the high tin cupboard into her new room, praying that it's not damp like the last one.
Halfway through, my muscles will refuse (like a steeplechase horse at a daunting jump) and I will have to force them to complete the task in spite of the fact that her books and bedclothes will have mated and multiplied in the month or so they have been in storage, and there will be twice as much to move in as there was to move out.
Oh, think positive, think positive!
It will all be lighter, easier, smoother, jollier, and gentler and I will NOT arrive home tomorrow evening a trembling exhausted heap of spent muscles, barked shins and dusty hair like I did the last time.
I will NOT!

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daisychubb1979 said...

Hi Helen,

I visited your site to cheer myself up after the trauma of booking London coach tickets online. Good luck with tomorrow.