Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The people who lived here before me left loads of bottles of Cillit Bang, and I can confidently testify that it is useless.
It should be re-named 'Cillit Whimper'.


Anonymous said...

But did you remember that you have to shout when you use it, like the man in the advert!!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Aha! I am going to try that tomorrow!
Although... maybe it's a man's product and it's my gender that's wrong?

daisychubb1979 said...

The bloke before me in my flat left loads of Sainsbury's bags, empty bottles of Lucozade, and 40 watt lightbulbs (or maybe the lightbulbs were there anyway?) but he did leave soap and handwash, which is not to be sniffed at. No Cilit Bang though.... but I should be pleased about that I think.