Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little Yellow Friends

The post-it notes are proliferating, and their bullying nature is causing me to despair.
Yellow, sticky and covered in black scribbles, they nag me daily; I try to condense them, and fight back by drawing lines through tasks completed, obsolete or unnecessary, but just as fast as I crumple them and head for the bin, new notes materialise threefold to replace them.
The tasks listed are impossible. They pile up in scaly layers, note upon note, every surface covered in exhausting scrawled detail.
Clumps detach themselves from the main pile and fall to the floor to be kicked under the desk.
Bullies-in-waiting, they will cause panic on their discovery with their lists of missed meetings, dates and opportunities.
One day, I will seize the lot in a confident fist, and throw them away!


Jude Cowan said...

Could we swop post-it notes? Maybe yours would suit me better than mine do?

Helen McCookerybook said...

That's a brilliant idea! It would make sense of the senseless blighters.