Sunday, July 11, 2010


A little forest of different-coloured toothbrushes has grown in the tooth-mug.
'Whose are these?', I ask Offsprog Two.
'They belong to my friends', she replies.
Sure enough, Artyfriend came over this avo, and I could hear her scrubbing away at her gnashers behind the bathroom door.
Sometimes, I believe that it is I who live in the parallel universe, and a normal Helen lives in the real world where no strange things happen.

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Anonymous said...

When Stuart and his new girlfriend stayed last weekend, my friends were horrified when I mentioned taking them a cuppa in bed on the Saturday morning ..... as if they would be indulging in rampant s*x - when they know we have to pass their bedroom door when we go in and out of ours!! Sorry - it was the thought of other peoples' toothbrushes appearing in the bathroom made me think of that!