Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pete and Dud

I was watching a TV show that was based on lost sketches by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore; they were re-created by Alistair MacGowan, Ade Edmonson, that awful guy who used to present Have I Got News For You (can't remember his name) and others.
The material was moderately funny; but it needed Pete and Dud to work properly.
The most important missing factor was that both Pete and Dud were incredibly sexy, and they knew it. They flirted with each other wildly with their humour, playing eye-games and eyebrow-dancing.
I'm not sure that any of the guys involved in the sketches realised this: they had learned their lines, they knew about timing, but they didn't know about chemistry.
I think for the show to be a success, it should have been cast, directed and presented by a woman, ideally someone like Eleanor Bron, who sometimes appeared on their shows. She was sexy too, and probably still is, unlike that silly Jonathan Ross who is perfectly pleasant and sometimes funny but

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