Thursday, June 17, 2010

News Book

I have been collecting photos for the new CD cover and they are all packaged up to send to Em.
She did the cover for Poetry and Rhyme and I thought it looked pretty classy. Gina is going to make a video too, a week on Tuesday.
Martin has started a Reverbnation for Barbaraville, his label that a nice collection of oddballs belong to
I have started up my own one too, and have some music and a video up there.
Most of today was spent wandering around Spitalfields: down Fournier Street (was that Gilbert'n'George I spotted disappearing round the corner in a whisk of grey suiting?, up Hanway Street (lazy old Duke of Uke still wasn't open at 12.15!).
I bought some moth-eaten knitwear and a moth-eaten hat. I have washed them and I'm going to pack the knitwear into the freezer next to the lasagne to kill the moth grubs.
The hat will just have to suffer.
I met my friend Denise and talked to her about the all-women bands who have been so disappointing, playing sub-Raincoats and sub-Slits music note-perfectly with glum faces, having made a new restrictive canon, new rules from what was created from experimentation. Denise always looks at things in a different way.
'They have inherited it', she said, 'And they will develop it on from there'.
Yes, yes, that could well be true.
Photo by Offsprog One


Val Phoenix, scribe said...

Cool pic, but your link doesn't work!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thanks Val- have fixed it!