Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Friday 11th June at the Blue Rooms in Hereford

This is going to be possibly one of the most exciting gigs I have played for a long time- supporting John Cooper Clarke and Don Letts at the Wild Hare Club's night.
Years ago (for I am a funky-ancient, am I not?) my band Helen and the Horns supported John at Ronnie Scott's; it was a wild night. Molly Parkin was there, in her cups, and took an obvious interest in John.
And Don Letts? What can I say. I thought my bones had given up on dancing until I went to see The Slits play their first reunion gig underneath Selfridges a few years ago and could not stop dancing for a second. He also Deejayed at the We Love '77 art exhibition. I have a compilation that he made; he just has fantastic taste in music.
I have been rehearsing this morning, battling through hayfever, and I'll do the same after work this afternoon.

As an aside: my fury at being dumped by the University of the West is beginning to grow. I have worked there for more than 15 years. And they weren't going to even tell me! Grrr.

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