Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Humph. I have been having one of those days when I can't seem to get anything right.
Well, maybe I did, because Offsprog 2 liked her birthday presents (a tent for Glastonbury, a big red and white striped basket, an Ed Hardy Tattoo mug, and other little things.
And I made a nice chocolate cake and iced it, and put pink, white and blue flowers on it and matching candles.
Yes, I did two things right.
But more than that wrong.

So I am looking for things to make me happy; Cazz Blaise's next women in punk article is up now at
It's a refreshing slant on how things were back then, with interviews with myself, Gina Birch, Lucy O'Brien and Caroline Coon.
I had a very fruitful meeting with Gina about her film this morning; it's always really interesting talking through ideas with her, and we are going to try to find the mag cover that had Thatcher done up as Britannia- I looked for it when I did my book (I'd thought it was Vanity Fair) but couldn't find it, even though I googled till I was blue in the face.

I wish I could think of more to write... mainly because the dishes need to be washed and I can't bear the thought of having to walk through the kitchen and see them. 

What else can I write about? 
Hank Williams trying to sell his songs to other artists to sing, but if they liked a particular song he would not sell it, thinking it must be a good one that he needed to keep for himself... or 
Wondering what would happen in a reverse-Jesus moment, if wine turned into water and people couldn't get drunk and therefore didn't become aggressive and get hangovers... or 
Wondering which came first, the Celtic Knot design or the Eightsome Reel that would tie a Celtic knot if the dancers were pieces of string... or 
Wondering why a tourist would want to come to any part of Britain that had a strong BNP presence, and if Brand Britain will go down the pan... or
Wondering why Delta 5 have disappeared, and where to... or
Wondering whether to write a fake Swedish poem, using only words from the IKEA catalogue... or
Wondering if I will ever be able to play the complicated guitar part I have written for The One-Note Rock'n'Roll

Stuff it, dishes here I come!

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Ian said...

Hi Helen,

On my first visit to Stockholm a few years back I wondered why all the stations on the metro system seemed to be named after items from the Ikea catalogue.