Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazius Interruptus

Yes, well, on Saturday night I'd thought I would be sitting watching Wallander, that slow and beige detective show with the slow and beige Kenneth Branagh squeezing onion-tears from beneath his sandy brow.
Offsprog 2 had other plans. With Offsprog 1, she had gone to The Garage at Highbury Corner to see her father play in a reunited-for-the-night King Kurt.
 All had become too much, and I got a call to go and collect her, so in my striped pyjamas and a pair of hiking boots and I southwards, through the plethora of large, posh and drunken cars reversing out of one way streets in Whetstone, the small, drunken and beat-up cars doing U'ies in Finchley, the police and ambulance sirens of the Holloway Road and finally, the shouting and drunken young people outside The Garage.
I did get my rest yesterday (resterday?) with Martin, and I'm back at my computer today, wondering at the quantity of Myspace plays I've been getting- 164 today! Has the opposite happened: are they overcalculating? I have never had this many before! It's terribly exciting.
And I have just heard that the book is going to come out in paperback at last. I do so want to find the Au Pairs and Delta 5 and will be applying myself to finding them this week, and contacting Poly to ask her about songwriting in X-Ray Spex.
I have also been asked to contact the Chefs about doing some songs in October. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...


frayedattheedge said...

eventually they grow up and collect you from nights out!!

daisychubb1979 said...

Hi Helen,

Many thanks for mentioning part 2 of the punk piece. Any date for the paperback? or am I being over eager?


paulG said...

That was a good article. I enjoyed reading it.