Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Little Story about Helen Chadwick for Tuesday Morning

I was lucky enough to be in the infants at Brighton Art College when Helen Chadwick was a sixth-former. She had an exciting little cupboard-room where she made her strange garments, like a busy elf with her pointy face and fingers and her black shiny hair. In Brighton, there was a glass-animal-man not far from the station, who started making coloured glass-animal earrings- parrots, cats, dinosaurs; you could ask him to make anything you wanted, and he'd do it. Helen had one of her many brainwaves, and went up to see him. 'Please could you make me a pair of earrings, shaped like a willy and two balls?'. The guy went MAD!!! He was a strict Catholic and scolded Helen so much that she came back to the Art College and cried her eyes out.
RIP Helen, you were a complete inspiration.

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