Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm tired, you know

I have been doing freelance work to pay for the last leg of the CD; I have to find a graphic designer to put the cover together. Everything is ready except one last photograph, and I am picking up the mixes from Tom on Wednesday, Scary! It's been such a long time in the making. I am really looking forward to next Monday- I think that's when I'm singing with Martin in the studio, all these Western Swing songs, double bass and all... will be such an experience. Actually, I almost forgot- I saw John Hegley on the train to Scotland this weekend and we will probably do some gigs together next year. He was going to Glasgow on Friday night and then the Vauxhall Tavern last night- what a hard worker he is. and sharp witted to boot; powered by adrenaline, I think. He reminds me of a robin. We were talking about DJ Wheelybags, who happened to be at King's Cross Station as well. What a coincidence!
I made a very awful joke about King's Cross station, a million postings ago...

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philip huddleston said...

next time jou see John,please tell him I've found his glasses.....thanks.