Friday, September 08, 2006

Historically Funny

What did Shakespeare call his baby pig?

I have finished re-recording some of the vocals for Suburban Pastoral and now it just needs a bit of tidying up- yesterday I finally settled on a running order and track listing! It's beginning to feel exciting; I have to find a graphic designer to put the sleeve together, and I have found a manufacturer and (I hope)a distributor. I'll have to call you, Mike, about a photograph! I needed a couple of weeks to recover from my appalling hangover which has rendered my skin texture beige and marshmallow-like, and not photogenic at all. The final mixes will be ready on Wednesday. Utrophia say I can launch it there, which is a fantastic place to do it.
Roll on, roll up, roll over, roll out!
Saw Akiko and the bunnies the other day; an inebriated gentleman bought us all a drink, and agreed not to speak to us, although he was intrigued by the bunnies.
I thought your hair looked great, Akiko! (It's very long, and the top bit is black and the bottom bit is blonde). The bunnies are due to star in an erotic film...

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Wor. Paul said...

Whose pet did James Joyce inherit?

Finnegan's Snake.