Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Chefs, Slugs and Fleas

Russell Greenwood, The Chefs drummer, had a mouse that ran around his room at night and kept him awake. He bought a mousetrap and was really excited when it snapped shut one night very late. When he put his light on, he discovered he'd caught a huge slug, which had exploded very messily all over his room.
There were 3 cats in that house, all of which had millions of fleas. When you put a cup of tea down on the floor, masses of fleas jumped into it, attracted by the heat. Russ got some Old Spice aftershave for Christmas, and we discovered that the fleas loved the smell of it. We poured it into lots of glasses and left them lying around- then when we were bored, the five of us had competitions to count how many fleas we could find in the nearest glass- the record was 103.
Next irrelevant posting might be about The Chefs manager running himself over, or possibly John Peel's breakfast visit wearing Dave Lee Travis's underpants on his head to keep his ears warm on his bicycle.
(I originally wrote that Russ had a muse that ran round his room at night- that would have been quite a poetic thing, wouldn't it?)

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