Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Scary Dream

I was in a big club, or theatre- similar to Leeds Royal Variety Theatre, except there was a sloping floor. There was lots of cosy red velvet, and gilt decorations swagged and swooping all around the walls and across the balcony.

We were all sitting at tables with drinks in front of us, listening to a DJ play music. A ska record came on, and suddenly all the young women in the audience got up and formed a conga, dancing around the tables in a jolly, laughing line and being joined by more dancers as they passed their tables. It was wonderful.

As the music carried on, the conga line gradually started to fade. Soon there was nothing and nobody left to be seen.

'Don't worry', said my friend at the table, 'they'll fade back in again soon. They always do'.

But they didn't. We waited and waited, but they didn't.

I was so frightened, I woke up and had to calm myself down.

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