Sunday, October 03, 2021

How To Watch Less TV: Broadcast More Johnson

With Thatcher, I had to merely turn the sound down. With Johnson, the TV gets turned off completely. It's a complete waste of time listening to a priapic self-promoter whose every word is a lie. I am hoping for an early implosion of the Tory party, but that feels a bit like continuing to believe in the Tooth Fairy when you're an adult. While the Conservative press dominates the way people think, they will remain in power in perpetuity. Living in a Tory suburb, I can see with my own eyes their sense of entitlement and power has not been shaken by anything at all, no matter what has happened. It's almost as if people will still continue to praise them with their last dying gasp. It's called 'Not wanting to be proved wrong', and it's a remarkably resilient and widespread phenomenon.

BTW this is a suburb where the woman volunteer in the local Oxfam shop went into an anti-refugee tirade with one of her customers without any apparent awareness of what she was saying, and where the manager of Rymans (a woman) said to a customer 'That Sadiq Khan ought to be shot'. Head office said they'd deal with her, but she's still there. 

All the talk of a this being a gentler era and a sense of community post-Covid stops short at the the borders between Barnet and its more tolerant neighbours.

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Wilky of St Albans said...

I can't say I agree about muting Boris. Prime Ministers Questions on the telly on wednesday lunchtime has become must-see viewing. It's wonderful, in the sense that it makes you want to start a revolution. The 'insert word here' never answers a question (except from toadying tories), ducks every issue, but still gets away with it. Frankly, a disgrace. And people don't seem to care, cos 'it's Boris, innit, he's a bit of a lad'