Sunday, August 08, 2021

Another Song Demo Recorded

Back to the Green Goddess again to record the guitar parts for another new song. I had to listen to the phone recording to try to work out what the chords were, and I think I've got it. It has an oddball rhythm that's resisting guitar overdubs but that's OK. Another time, another time. 

And doing the vocals... well the washing machine is on a three hour cycle so there's a lot of washing machine noises on the harmonies. It's a demo, so that doesn't matter: I'm just consolidating what I'm going to put on it anyway. Luckily this is a happy song, because rather a lot of the more recent ones have been a little rueful, which is hardly surprising given what this last 18 months has thrown up.

Unforchly it's now housework time, but I read a thread on Twitter about Santana, and I've got one of their albums which will be just the motivator to get that done with.

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