Friday, May 21, 2021

Music Afternoon

I braved the bluster this morning, walking four and a half miles there and back for vaccine number two. I pretended that I was in Ullapool and lo, when I returned home I had a shiny Ullapool windface!

Somehow I found pelicans on Youtube and spent about 15 minutes being really disappointed in their behaviour. Because I like them so much, I expected them to be nice, but they're not. Every video was called 'Pelican swallows.... whole' or something like that. In one, a brave little cat got very near to the deadly beak, but shot off at a rate of knots very close to being eaten alive. One pelican was trying to eat a capybara alive and didn't seem to realise there was no chance. It had a bloody good go at it, though. I have no idea how I got lost down this wormhole, apart from clicking on a vid of a capybara farting in the bath last week. Oh how to waste time.

This afternoon, I'm going to mix in Ian and Robert's vocals to the Femme Fatale recording, and also do some work on mine and Robert's songs. I've literally been waiting weeks to do this, but there has been so much marking to do that I haven't had the opportunity. Headphones at the kitchen table three days in a row! How extraordinary!

But first, a good read of the newspaper and a cheap sell-by-date lunch. I'll miss out the first few pages because I'm heartily sick of mawkish royals moaning about everything in the middle of a global pandemic. Talk about choosing their moment! There is nothing more completely tedious that narcissism, unless it's people who pander to it and keep it going. Best cure is to go into a hospital and work there: I think that might inject a little reality into things for them.

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