Saturday, May 22, 2021

More Recording

Today is vocals day for Femme Fatale. I've just remembered that I haven't really eaten anything today so I suppose I'd better do that first. I've already rehearsed half my songs for tomorrow night in Stockton and I'll do a bit more of that later.

It's daunting, the idea of replacing all the gigs I had to cancel from last year, and once everything seems to have settled down I'll get to work on that. Everyone's a bit shell-shocked still, but I can sense people coming out fo hibernation. Part of it's the travelling: living under house arrest, or at least town arrest, for a year is a weird thing.

There's not much to say. I'm just writing this because I'm waiting for the potatoes to cool down to make potato salad with, and I've read the newspaper from cover to cover. The house needs cleaning, but that honestly doesn't appeal. I wonder if I could persuade the garden snails to do it?

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