Saturday, March 13, 2021

Bit Nippy Today

At the end of the month, golf courses will be reopening in England and there will be no more illicit trespassing. No more children playing sandpits in the bunker, no more bird watchers gazing at the waterfowl, and no more 'Bob' shack visits to laugh at.

Telly Tubby land will return to its rightful use, and those bright green vistas will be private property once again. What a joy it has been to stroll across the velvety swards and look at the enormous sky, picking up the occasional leftover golf ball.

It was cold today, but still beautiful and clear. A coot got lost and wandered around by itself. Three young herons perched on a distant submerged log, one with its wings outspread like a cormorant. It was muddy, as always. Boots clogged up like Cybermen feet. 

Plodge, plodge, who cares? It's fresh air and it feels good.

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