Friday, January 29, 2021

Writing Songs Every Week

The amount of music time that I have is shrinking, because I'm doing extra teaching work. Why? Because when the pandemic is under control it would be nice to have a holiday- a big empty cottage on the Scottish borders or in Northumberland for a week. Go on, Central Scotland then! Not just for me but for the Offpsrogs, their friends and of course, my friends.

It's great to have the pressure of writing a song every week for Song Circle. I've written my share of crap songs, but it's still good to do it because you learn from writing the crap ones just as much as you do from writing the better ones. This week I had the idea of taking a melody for a walk. It's an old Art College joke that one of the first things you do is to take a line for a walk, so I've applied that to music. The tune has been lost a couple of times, but in my experience that's usually a good thing. My song is woefully short this week, but I'm not sure that matters much.

In my head I have a fantasy band. In my head. I'm not sharing too much at the moment after spending an evening dwelling on the most barefaced stealing of a musical idea that happened about 20 years ago. It's best to put these things behind you, but they do surface from time to time and it's actually quite a funny story about just how cheeky a fellow musician can be, so maybe it's about time I told it!

Not now though. Got a song to polish.

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