Thursday, September 10, 2020


 Sometimes I wonder if I'm a hoarder, but a friend once told me that I was an archivist, so I'm going with that! I've spent a lot of time today going through newspaper cuttings on song writing and music production, weeding out the ones I don't need, and going through those pieces of paper that I have scribbled ideas on for months, and doing the same thing.

I have filled three quarters of a recycling bin, so I guess that makes me not a hoarder. I've found some great stuff: when I'm in the full flow of working, I rarely have time to look at things in great detail unless they are directly connected to something I'm lecturing on at the time. I've also found some old song drafts and oddly, the receipt for my engagement ring from many moons ago. I remember that time- I was working as a youth worker in Southwark. I was frumpy, clumsy and definitely not cool. It was bought from Caledonian Market in Bermondsey on a frosty Friday morning, very early, from a wonderfully glamorous and sweet lady. Marriage came and went- and I've still got that receipt. 

Oh life, the cards it deals us!

I'm trying to decide whether to go out for a walk before booking the lecturers for this coming University term, who will be delivering online lectures. What a shame they can't do it in the flesh! Last year's lecture series was the best ever. At least it's something that will work well as an extended online session. Group songwriting is a bit more challenging, but I think I've worked it out. Doing so much online music since March has shown me what can be done and what can't.

To walk or not to walk... Offsprog Two mentioned yesterday that she'd had a Magnum Classic, or one of their ice creams anyway. That idea makes a walk extremely tempting. I need something to blow the dust from my ears anyway so a bit of fresh air might do the trick, washed down with an ice cream.

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