Saturday, September 26, 2020


A few weeks ago I sang on a track by George Barker, who had made an electronic backing track for a versions of the traditional English folk song The Cutty Wren. He suggested that we should do a 'B' side, so I repurposed a song from our weekly Song Circle (instructions: write a bad song) from being a song about sex, to a song about drains. Quite similar, really, some might say...

I played the riff and chord sequence on the bass notes of the guitar, layered up some backing vocals and sent the rough version to George with a request to make it sound like Giorgio Moroder. Boy, has he come up with the goods! I'm going to re-do the vocal next week, with a harsher sounding microphone and tighten up the backing vocals so they sound more like singing rats than The Andrews Sisters.

I actually laughed with joy when I heard it! Creativity to the rescue again. I am so enjoying collaborating with other musicians. 

There is more in the pipeline, watch this electronic space!

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