Sunday, August 02, 2020


That was a sharp leap into semi-normality today!
I drove to Brixton for a socially-distanced recording session at One Cat Studios with Ian and Robert. We recorded three new songs, one just vocal and guitar, one tremendously ambitious one which ended up sounding fabulous, and a very simple one which had a sort of Johnny Cash vibe. We have one more to do and a revisit to the first two we recorded. Eight hours! That's old school.
I have disinfected my computer, my phone and my watch, my clothes are in the washing machine and I had a good scrub when I got home. I used up half a tube of hand sanitiser too.
It was absolutely great to spend a day doing this.
Absolutely great.
We are going to do another day, and then we will have recorded a little six-track record.
Hoo hoo!

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