Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Thinking Like A Fish

I remembered a TV documentary on the coelacanth, an extremely rare fish, almost like a dinosaur. The crew spent a long time looking for one in the Indian Ocean. They are very hard to find, because they live at such depths. Day after day, the camera crew dived down, until eventually they found the huge fish far, far below the surface. As they shone their lights on it, it tipped up vertically and stood on its head.
The crew were astonished, and back at the boat they speculated about why the coelacanth had reacted in such an extraordinary way. Eventually, they concluded that it was so surprised by the situation that it had no control over, that it's reaction was the only thing it could think of to do.
In home prison, how do we demonstrate? It's dangerous out there, with a deadly virus stalking us all. Those who are demonstrating are desperate and very brave. I feel like I'm standing on my head.

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