Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Music to the Rescue!

Another article to be edited landed in my inbox this week. A missing title from the New Musical Express sent me burrowing through piles of cuttings until I finally found it- and realised that the journalist wasn't writing about Ari Up, but it was Poly Styrene they were referring too. The consequence of that was moving a paragraph from one part of the article to the other and then checking to se if it all still made sense. Through hay fever and lockdown stress, this felt really difficult, but I sent it off an hour ago.
In a more fun inbox, my friend Kenji has written a gorgeous verse to a song we are co-writing. There was something just so beautiful about it, the lyrics and his singing, that I began to cry.
Life is such a combination of brutal things (the chapter is on violence and punk women), and delicate things that affect your emotions in a positive way. Little Bruv remembered that yesterday was the anniversary of our mother's death. I didn't realise how much I needed to hear Kenji's singing till I heard it.
Long live music, the best invention of humankind.

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