Wednesday, June 03, 2020

More Geesetenders

The pond has shrunk to the size of a puddle, which is a bit worrying. A couple of days ago, Mr White Goose and Mrs New White Goose were there (their normally have their own pond, because Mr White Goose is so grumpy). The male mallards had all gone, all eleven of them, but the Egyptian geese were there with their brood of giant goslings, round the other side f the pond. Had Mr White Goose bullied them round there? Suddenly, they all started running round the side of the pond at once and began to take off! They are learning to fly!
They settled next to the white geese and just got on with their normal preening and wandering.
Up at the White Goose pond, a batch of men were shooting bread into the water with catapults, trying to tempt the fish. One man has set a dart board up in a tree and was playing a game of solo darts. The ground was decorated with beer cans.
Next day, the White Geese were back at their normal pond, but the Mandarin Duck had left and was scavenging down at the main pond, looking rather bedraggled and miserable.
We need some rain, and we need the pubs to open again so people have somewhere to go that doesn't damage nature, which is so fragile and lovely even when it has its own brutality.

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