Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Fine Tuning

I have spent a couple of hours finishing off bits and pieces to do with my book today- double checking web addresses and things like that. The editor, Sarah Raine, has been fantastic. And I also have to say that Sarah Killick was an absolute Godsend- everything got moving when she started transcribing the mountain of interviews I'd accumulated.
I have worked really hard at things during lockdown- two lots of article/chapter sub-edits to respond to, starting to finish the book, lots of music writing and recording, six online gigs... and marking and online courses for work as well. I've got another article to finish by September, and then I'll take rest from academic writing. I turned down a jammy thing- a chapter on women songwriters in London venues in the 1960s- that would have been wonderful to research and write about, but I am completely written out academically.
I have an animation to finish, but being animation, it is taking ages. I've been doing it since 2010!
Ironically, I've accrued rather a lot of holiday, and like most other people, won't be able to go anywhere. I don't believe it's safe.

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