Sunday, March 15, 2020

Review for Pea Soup in Mojo

On the way to Edinburgh with the Offsprogs, an appalling young many was bragging into his phone about his company making money from the epidemic. There were lots of other vile things he said in his many braying phone calls on the journey but that was the worst. We wondered about rescuing his girlfriend from him.
I made a post on social media about it and then decided to delete it, because there was a panic epidemic going on at the time and I didn't want to add to it.

Then I saw this, very kindly shared by Bongo Pete. I was so happy I cried. Things can feel like a struggle sometimes but this completely made my day.

We went to the Botanic Gardens that Dad used to love so much. The pink Magnolia was in bud, and I cried again for different reasons. I am glad to know love, both as a feeling and to have been on the receiving end of it.

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