Friday, January 03, 2020

Writing (again)

All I can do is write something that I can be proud of, I think.
I still have more research to do, but I can say that the end of this massive project is in sight.
I gave up one of my part time jobs in order to finish this book.
Is that dedication or am I a fool? I have no idea, but in my heart I feel that this is slow politics and there might be some effect from it.
I feel so powerless, just like so many other people; so much of this has to do with my gender, and like a lot of women I can't speak out, or I will be silenced. The sound so dramatic, doesn't it? But it's true.
The concept of equality is the biggest joke I've heard in my lifetime.
Not only that but as I writer I've been completely stereotyped as only writing about punk.
This is enormously irritating!
Sorry for short 'barking' sentences. I've been writing long ones.

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Wilky of St Albans said...


who said that? Some head up their own arse academic? There is nothing wrong whatsoever with being an expert on a particular subject - it's a Very Good Thing. If you need medical attention do you want a specialist or a generalist?

I would suspect (although I don't know the circumstances, but I have suffered similar) that whoever said that is a bit jealous that you have knowledge that they don't.

The people that matter want you to write about punk, because you know what you're talking about. Write a book on car mechanics and I might not read it, but punk, yeah, I'll buy it. I actually sometimes wonder why you're not on the telly more - some of the punk documentaries over the last few years seem to rely on the same faces that get wheeled out, faces that I don't remember being involved much at the time.

And you've made a film. So F**k 'em.

There's a line in a John Otway song - 'it is my shoes that walk across the stage to the applause'. Remember that

On. Your. Side.