Monday, January 06, 2020

Graftuary (sorry, but it's all the rage to mutate the month, isn't it?)

At the moment I'm ricocheting between revising an article for an academic journal (I've been recommended to read my own work, somewhat ironically: referees are sent anonymised versions of your draft), and finishing my book. Today has been 'article' day; I've slashed, burned, re-written and also found an earlier, better version that I've pilfered some of.
I've sliced out two thousand words (they said it was too long).
I don't know how many hours I've worked on it today, but I haven't poked my nose outside the door.
Somewhere along the line, I decided that it would be a good proposal for a Radio 2 programme. Later, perhaps.

What is really said is that both of these pieces of writing were supposed to have been edited by Dave Laing. I'm still missing him dreadfully: his wisdom, humour and unique academic perspective.
Things move on, yes; but older and wiser people are absolutely priceless as mentors and advisors.
Real male feminists are also incredibly rare.

Tomorrow is admin day, and later in the week I'll spend time on the book, which I really believe is almost finished. I'm waiting for some material from the new editor, which I'll have to email and remind her of.

In the breaks between writing, I'm still writing songs. The current one is rather bleak although like almost everything else I write, it's got a merry tune.
I can hear traffic sloshing thought the rain outside, so maybe it's not such a bad thing to be grafting through January, although I do understand that my blog postings are rather tedious at the moment.

Maybe I should tell you more about my research? I could write a book on that!

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