Thursday, August 08, 2019


Yesterday I was starting to finish, or finishing to finish (?) another recording project.
That sounds a bit w*nky, put like that.
But a while ago I had the idea of making a miniature LP- a 7" vinyl that runs at 33 r.p.m. with lots of miniature tracks on each side, mainly because I write so many short songs.
I started talking about it, and one of my students said 'That's a good idea. I think I'll do that!' which of course means that I had to do it.
Originally I re-recorded a bunch of songs, including some from the CDs that I have released over the years- Butterfly and Rock'n'Romance from Poetry and Rhyme, one from a children's musical for TheatreTrain about famous artists that I wrote songs for with Lester Square back in the day (Degas), and a couple of others that I'd never released. But then I wrote some more, and had to slash'n'burn to get the timings down to less than 7 minutes a side.
Yesterday was arranging day, and I love that. It was recorded with Ian Button again, and he has mellotron samples, so three of them have cello samples on, a bit vibrato-a-gogo but fairly natural sounding. It was fun going to town on the backing vocals too, and the rough mixes do sound good. They just have to be mixed now; there will be 100 of them pressed up and I will probably hand-colour the covers too.
So that's what's next.

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Cazz Blase said...

Kenickie and Yummy Fur used to do those! The first Kenickie E.P was 8 songs, and the second Yummy Fur one was 10 songs.