Friday, August 02, 2019


Plans keep changing, and everything is beyond my control: go with the flow, and all will be well.

Yesterday was good. Thanks to Jono for coming to set up the JV1080 so I can do a bit of programming; it's fraught with quirks, but it will be fun to make a bit of pop music in my idle hours (ha!). It was nice to see Katy too, passing by for tea and cherries. I love your funny impressions Katy: the builders, your dad, and pompous ladies you meet on your travels in Poland. Ha ha!
Actually, I'm procrastinating. I should be writing my academic swansong, currently running at 70,000 words. It's a book on women engineers (that typo-ed as enginerds, which is rather a nice word I think I will have to copyright in case anyone 'borrows' it), and producers.
It's taken me ten years to write, punctuated by bereavements, other research projects like the She-Punks film and shorter bits of writing, a relationship break-up, making music and having sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. I have to respond to the editor's suggestions for changes, which are quite detailed and seemed daunting, but actually I made a start two days ago.
I aim to be finished the second week in September and ideas of a summer holiday have gone out of the window; August will be spent rewriting, every morning that I possibly can.
After that, there are several articles in the pipeline to be looked at, and then writing will become songwriting. Music pours out of the walls in this tiny house and I want to catch it while I can!
So that's the kettle on for a booster coffee (why can't I bring myself to say turbo-charged?) and then writing until the computer battery gives up!

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Wilky of St Albans said...

Don't worry about taking 10 years to write a book. I started reading 'Lost Women..' in 2012 and I'm about halfway through