Friday, February 01, 2019


I don't know why this feel like a gamble: it's probably because it's February.
I am writing about Oh Bondage! Up Yours (yes, blah, blah, I know I've said that already), and I'm going to go to Liverpool to look at Falcon Stewart's Archive at the University Library some time in the next couple of weeks. But that's not it.
Part of the deal is to go to New York in June, and present the completed paper at a venue at the Lincoln Center, which will be paid for. So I've just bought my flights, just inside the budget; they have gone up £200 in the last week! I have decided to go a couple of days early and might try to play a small gig. Getting any sense out of the travel agent about whether I can take a guitar or not on the flight was impossible; they only seem to be able to deal with machine-generated questions.
So I may have to borrow one... And I have to find somewhere to stay as well. I am getting a flight back that loses a day and gets me into Manchester on the day of Kevin's all-dayer. F*ck sleep when you're a rock and roller! To make up for the lack of sleep I'm going to have in June, I've been sleeping most of today. It just seemed like the most sensible thing to do, somehow.
I can't believe that I went by myself to New York last year, because I am so unbrave.
I have to do scary things to stop myself from just sitting in my house with the curtains closed reading detective novels, and in fact the reason that I haven't got a cat is that if I did, I would only go out to buy it cat food and that would be that. Instead, I rampage around the country doing gigs far and wide, in a dangerous vehicle that plots my demise from the pavement outside. It's mechanical brain is sizzling as we speak. What a b*stard car!
Somehow though, songs keep crystallising out in my head and they drive me out of the front door, leaving the latest poor sad detective novel face down on the floor, weeping that it's next chapter hasn't managed to be exciting enough to avoid being deserted.
Yet more flimsy plans, but all plans are mere ideas until you push them into reality, aren't they?
In between, I've been playing the Green Goddess, because tomorrow is another recording day, lots of songs from ages ago which I've never considered for an album before, but which need to be heard objectively in the cold light of now.
Rolling along in the background are film screenings- in Leamington Spa on 11th May before the Hull house concert, and in Nottingham the following weekend. I'll publish details of the whole lot soon; there are one or two gigs still to be confirmed as well.
It all chunters along, and having been spoiled by Michael's sandwiches in Belfast all wrapped up in foil, I want sandwiches all the time now. Yes plz!

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