Thursday, January 03, 2019

Favourite Asbo Derek Track

Genius! Even tops their list of lost property at the Buddhist Centre song. This actually kept me awake all night a few days ago. Every time I was about to drop off, the riff faded up jangling from my unconscious mind and another drink came into my head....

A pint of Woodpecker: The Double Deckers
A Party Four: Jackanor (y)
Amontillado: El Dorado
A can of Tizer: The Equaliser
A pint of Stout: Beadle's About

They missed out 'Milk from the fridge: Mary Mungo and Midge', Mark's line, which was a terrible pity. I invaded the song, perhaps, with Harvey's Bristol Cream: Camberwick Green but I'm happy for that to be replaced with the milk one, which after all is a healthier option.
Film by Jane Barnes
Little known fact: 'Beadle's About' used to be known as 'Beadle's a B*stard' in our household. Can't think why.


Wilky of St Albans said...

I was thinking only the other day that I've not seen Tizer anywhere for a couple of years. I was a real treat as a kid - that indescribable taste of industrial chemicals. Very unhealthy. Conversely, Irn Bru never used to be available 'down sarf' but now it's everywhere. It's made from girders y'know

caryne said...

Certainly in Bristol, which is pretty 'down sarf', I don't remember a time when Irn Bru wasn't available, and I'm a similar age to Helen.... maybe it's St Albans it avoided??? Tizer seems to still be around, if this website is to be believed