Sunday, November 11, 2018

She-Punks Début Screening

Well, we had a sell-out night last night. Thank you so much for coming out in the cold rain to warm our hearts with your reception to the film!
Pics show: Jane Perry Woodgate who joined us for the panel, embroidering a memorial tapestry for a friend, just before the screening started; the audience at the beginning; Gina thanking Doc'n'Roll for adding us to the festival season; and two pics of the panel with Karen Shook as moderator, Gina, me and Jane, taken by Sarah Mathius.
There was a very lively discussion afterwards between the panel and the audience.
It was so busy that I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone, but it was lovely to see members of The Shillelagh Sisters, the Mo-Dettes, The Slits, The Adverts, The Raincoats, The Nipple Erectors,The Ettes, the family (joke), Feral 5 and numerous members of The London Set. Sadly there was no live music like when we played at the British Library screening; there wasn't time but we'll do that another time.
I hadn't realised till yesterday afternoon that I had lost my voice. I was trying to buy a lint roller in Robert Dyas and opened my mouth to say 'thank you' and only air came out, no sound. Mainlining Fisherman's Friends did the trick, but sadly I missed the jolly pub follow-up because by then the volume had been completely turned down. Today I can whisper but alas, I've had to cancel tomorrow morning's workshop on Northern Soul. Shame: a good dance about on a Monday morning sure could help to drive the blues away.
Hoping to have more screenings soon!

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