Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Research Meeting

After two pretty hefty days of teaching (yesterday had some energising added extras, looking at a unique film work in progress in the morning and listening to a very interesting guest speaker in the afternoon), today I will forge a channel through the rain and head in to work for a meeting about research.
I have been collecting proof of having things published, which is what academics have to do. It's a whole other world to teaching because it involves hours of sitting by ourselves reading thinking, writing and generally being a detective.
I though it might be nice to stop. Although its exciting (a bit like being a word detective) its extremely time consuming. The book I finished earlier this year took eight years to write, and I timed an article that I wrote and it took 100 hours.
I would like a normal life.
Then a chapter on Oh Bondage Up Yours popped up. How can I resist? Somewhere in a box I still have a short interview with Poly that I never published. So I had to say yes to that one.
Shall I dress in a tweed suit today?
Have I got to that time in my life?
I have one on a hanger, but I strongly suspect that it has been riddled with moth holes.
Nope, rain splodge clothes for me.
I wish I had bought those wellies I saw in the charity shop the other day but it was sunny, and I didn't think it would ever rain again.

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