Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ugly Voice

Arrgh! I have never had such a hardworking year, but if you do that, things happen.
I'm taking a break from sorting out the song copyrights for Stories from the She-Punks.
Things are moving fast and there will be news on that front very soon.

Meanwhile, we were sent a recording of Helen and the Horns playing at The Calton Studios in Edinburgh in 1984. That was one of our favourite gigs- 'Ho-runs! Ho-runs!'
The band 'So You Think You're A Cowboy' had played Dunfermline with us the night before and they turned up, and so did Muriel Gray so we had a good ole booze up afterwards together as well.
My singing sounds really gruff. I remembered, though, that I didn't care what I sounded like back then.
The Chefs had insisted that I had singing lessons but they didn't make any difference, although the ritual of going to them and talking to the singing teacher's Maine Coon cat was amazing, and the songs we chose between us (Mr Pleeth and me) to sing were all from musicals, and inspired a lot of the Helen and the Horns songs.
It was all about the excitement of travelling around and gigging, not trying to be an Aretha or a Siouxsie. I suppose I gave up; the thing is, writing songs and recording them has always been more fun than playing them out, up till very recently.

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